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Course level (if X-Culture expected not to be part of a course, skip next 3 questions)

Delivery method

Is participation in X-Culture optional or required?

Your preferred track:

*The dates are tentative and will be finalized after the participant list is ready and we have information about all participants’ academic schedules.

**If applying to participate in multiple semesters, please fill out a separate form for each semester.

What percentage of your students are expected to be international students?

What is the expected level of proficiency of your students in English?

Do you expect to have students who don't speak English at all (we may have an option for them and they may still be able to participate)

Do your students tend to have work experience?

What percent of the course grade will be based on X-Culture?

Note: In for-credit college/university courses, X-Culture must account for at least 20% of the course grade/mark, unless school policies make it impossible. 

X-Culture is a not-for-profit project. 
We charge only a participation fee to cover our basic administrative: $250 per instructor, regardless the number of students in the course (not the change from the previous semester).

The reason the participation fee is not charged per student is because (1) the class enrollments tend to change due to dropouts and late enrollments and it would be difficult to keep track of payments and constantly adjust the totals for each class and (2) our administrative costs tend to be at the instructor level. That is, it really takes about the same amount of time on our end to add and manage a new class to our system regardless of whether it’s only one new student or 100.  

The participation fee can be paid using a credit or debit card, PayPal, bank wire transfer, or check. 
No payment is required at the time of application. If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice with the payment instructions.




In exceptional circumstances the participation fee can be partially or fully waived for instructors from developing countries or when local banking regulations prohibit payments overseas. 

Please indicate below if you'd like to request a partial or full participation fee waiver. 

Please note, X-Culture is a collaborative project, not a consulting company one can hire. The fee is charged only to improve experiences and create greater value for X-Culture professors and students. 
Charging the participation fee doesn't make X-Culture an employee, service provider or consultant. 
Paying participation fee doesn't free an instructor from doing his/her part (coaching students, evaluating student reports, etc.).
The only way we can keep X-Culture open to everyone is by relying on enthusiasm and hard work of the instructors whose students participate in the project. You as an instructor will be expected to invest 
  • about 5 hours of your time in preparing for the project, 
  • about 3 hours per week in the first week of the project, 
  • about 2 hours a week during the main phase of the project, 
  • and then again about 5 hours per week in the last week of the project and the first week after the project is over. 
If you think about it, this is roughly the same amount of time you invest in running a "domestic" experiential learning project (case study learning, term paper development, work with a local company, or project presentation). However, in X-Culture you are part of a team, others depend on you, so you'll have to take your responsibilities more seriously than in a one-class domestic project. 
Are you ready to commit that time? 

Students provide extremely positive feedback on the X-Culture project and report they truly enjoyed the experience. However, participation in the project is demanding  - the students must invest at least 2-3 hours per week, and possibly more in some weeks, in communicating with their team members dispersed all around the planet and completing the project. 
Would that be reasonable to expect of your students to participate at that level?